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Vape Monster Deals UK Mystery box – Wholesale Vape

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Hi guys it’s The Lazy Vaper again this time with a mystery box review

So as I’ve seen around the new craze within the vaping industry is mystery box’s so I thought I would buy one and see what all the fuss is about and boy did I like what I got so what do you get in a juice mystery box juice of cause now the mystery box I chose to by comes in 300 ml / 500ml and 1000ml and I’ve heard in the pipeline being released and at the VaperExpo May 2019 there is going to be an addition of a 2000ml mystery box

You will get a mix of full-size shortfills, 10ml bottles and 10ml multipacks. Nicotine shots can be purchased separately. You can choose from a mystery box of fruit, dessert or mixed flavours.

So what did I get ?

Included in my mystery box were the following items.

1x One Hit Wonder – Rocket Man 100ml. The flavour profile is blueberries, Greek yoghurt and granola this is my first cereal vape and I love it the blueberries and Greek yoghurt blend well together. You get the subtle hint of granola on the exhale which makes a perfect combination this is a must buy it my opinion for people that love cereal flavours.

1x Marvellous Brew – Lemon Cream Pie 100ml. Now, this is a unique flavour the sour lemon overpowered the cream and pastry which I wasn’t keen on at first but it has grown on me. So my advice is if your going to buy this and are not keen then allow the juice to steep for about a month then see how it goes from there.

1x Candy Labs – Strawberry Hard Candy 100ml. A lot of people that I have spoken to love the strawberry candy so I’m happy that I got it and I must say it’s spot on in terms of flavour Candy Labs strawberry is one of my favourites I do recommend it flavour wise it’s like sucking on a strawberry hard boiled sweet.

And also a little extra

Sweet and Sour 3x10ml this was 3mg and is blackcurrant, menthol and pineapple for people who know me I don’t like overpowering menthol flavours and this is what I found with this flavour there was to much menthol which cancelled out the blackcurrant and pineapple

Watermelon bubble gum by Chubby Bubble now this was like having the American round bubble gums in my mouth but in watermelon flavour which was surprising as I’ve had other bubble gum flavours that I didn’t like it but this one is a keeper. Full on watermelon inhale mixed with bubblegum on the exhale. Definitely worth a go if you are into bubblegum flavours.

Last but not least I got a 10 ml bottle of honeydew melon and lychee which is very sweet tasting juice and those that know me I love a sweet tasting juice and I also love my fruit flavour juices this one was awesome you get the lychee in the inhale and honeydew on the exhale which I think is perfect and work very well together.

Now these mystery boxes are priced as follows

300ml = £20 plus £3.50 p&p

500ml = £29.50 plus £3.50 p&p

1000ml = £55 and you get free p&p

Also the new 2000ml box will cost £99 free p&p

So visit https://www.wholesalevape.co.uk/product-page/mystery-juice-boxes and pick yours up today

I’ve been The Lazy Vaper and thank you for reading

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