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VapeIQ – IQ One – Review

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VapeIQ – A relative newcomer to me, however have been in business since 2016. They launched their first E-Cig product a few years later in 2018. I recall seeing these pop up on Instagram just before the May Vape Expo promoting this new pod device to hit the market called the IQ One. Fast forward to a few weeks back, I was contacted by Bessie from VapeIQ to see if I would be interested in reviewing this device. For the past couple of weeks I have been putting it through its paces ready for review, and the time has come to share this with you all now.

Overview of the IQ One

The IQ one is a pod device, aimed at both recent quitters and nic salt users and your general vaper looking for a small form device to satisfy their needs. Available at launch in 2 colour options – Charcoal and Silver and Gold and Charcoal. Personally the Charcoal & Gold looks visually better in my opinion. At the time of review, there are a few other designs that I saw online too including a white splatter design.

Features of the IQ One

Size: 103.2*33.8*17.9MM

Weight(Per kit):111.6g

Body – Zinc Alloy

Battery capacity – 1100mah

Resistance – 0.8ohm/0.6ohm

Unique and innovative design: Visually striking leather and IML finishes

2 Colour options – silver charcoal/gold charcoal

Removable top cap: Quick and easy to fill

LED light indicator – 3 colours to indicate battery level

IQ Chipset inside – High and reliable performance

The sleek drip tip prevents spit back and condensation 

1100mAh durable battery – Powerful battery for long-lasting performance

Intense flavour – With large cloud production

Multiple protection modes – short-circuit, overtime, overcharge, overheat, low power, no load

IQ One – In the box

Inside the packaging you will find:

IQ One Mod


0.8ohm Coil 

0.6ohm Coil

Micro USB Charging Lead


Filling Advice Card


First Look at the IQ One

My first impressions were pretty good. Having been presented with a well-packaged Gold and Charcoal IQ One I was eager to get this out of the box and filled with juice. Opting first for the 0.8ohm coil as I had a stack of nic salts that I wanted to try. After priming the coil and inserting into the pod and getting filled up I found the vape experience to be satisfying and flavour to be decent. So overall, at this stage, I was very impressed.

Having a look over the IQ One, you will find the removable mouthpiece which houses the atomizer pod, within this is the coil. The mouthpiece and the pod itself connect into the IQ one by the use of magnets, though this is atomizer to mod and mouthpiece to mod. The atomizer fits – loosely inside the mouthpiece. On the base of the coil you can adjust the airflow. The 0.8 coil has one airflow slot and the 0.6 coil has two. The 0.6 has vastly more airflow but the 0.8 for me was the most flavourful.

Below and on to the mod itself you have a full front and rear covering of leather that gives the mod a nice feel in the hand and should certainly add to the classy look of it as most of my mods land up with paint flaking or scratching at one point or other, no matter how careful I am with it! Towards the top of the mod is the fire button which is almost central once the pod is inserted with the mouthpiece. To the left of the fire button and on the side is the micro USB charging port and LED status light. You will also find a tiny airflow hole here. Venting holes can be found at the bottom.

The IQ One in Use & Pros and Cons

I have to admit to being rather impressed by this little mod. Firstly with the 0.8ohm coil, I found it to give a pretty decent flavour from the salts that I used in it. I found that the flavour retention on the coils was satisfactory and that it did not take long to pull a new flavour through. Of course, I did not go from a creamy to menthol juice and expect to go back to creamy without no lingering taste. But changing through various fruit liquids seemed fine on the whole. 50/50 liquids worked best on this coil, 70/30 caused more issues with wicking. However, using the 0.6ohm coil cured this perfectly and my 70/30 liquids wicked fine and even some Dr Vapes Blue Stuff ( 78VG ) went through absolutely fine. I found that solid single fruit flavours were best in this and that more complex flavours fell short due to the IQ One being non-adjustable. Airflow was more restrictive than I am used to and I mostly used this with the airflow wide open. The large mouthpiece, actually was nice to use and was one of the first pod devices I have used with this style, having passed on the Smok Nord review some time ago.

Battery life was more than acceptable lasting me around two days of moderate usage. It was easy to monitor thanks to the colour changing status lights of the LED. Green being full to 70%, Blue being 70% to 30% and Red being below 30%. The led status also works when charging so you can see at a glance the status of the battery. Being non-adjustable there is some drop off in power at lower battery levels. This is not what I would consider a major drop but it is definitely noticeable and was to be expected.

Coil life I would describe as being average to good. The card inside the box suggests changing after 3 refills which I thought to be rather low. I managed 9 refills on the 0.8 coil and 13 refills on the 0.6 coil. Of course, your experience will vary dependent on the liquid used inside. Flavour drop off towards the end was noticeable as was a slight burnt taste. No complaints here though.

The size and feel was a major plus for me. Discreet enough to be a stealthy vape and slim enough to fit in a pocket without causing it to bulge. Being a solid metal mod ( with the exception of the leather ) it actually has a nice weight about it. It does not feel light and cheap, nor does it feel heavy and clunky. For me, it is just right.

The cons, unfortunately, there were a couple. Nothing that I would consider to be major and more niggles than actual faults. Firstly, the pod magnetically attaches to the mod, it does this well. The mouthpiece also magnetically attaches to the mod, again it does this well. I would have thought it would be better to have the mouthpiece and pod fit together and then all fit into the mod as one piece. What I found was you remove the mouthpiece the pod remains attached meaning you either need to get a grip on two small bits of plastic to remove or the top of the chimney. Perhaps this is a flaw, there are two O rings on the top of the pod that go into the drip tip mouthpiece that seem to serve no purpose other than providing a seal. I am not even sure this seal is sufficient as when you put the mod in the mouthpiece it is very loose and literally drops back out. If the O rings are there to hold in place, it doesn’t work.

The second con for me was the filling hole. A fiddley rubber bung that pushes back into the hole once you have filled. On occassion when filling this would insist on popping back up time and time again. More of an annoyance than anything. I do not like these bungs, I always think of people that find fiddly tasks tricky!

Oh and one final thing… Flatten the bottom a little, it rocks around if you stand it upright. I was scared of it falling over at times!


Despite the cons at the end of the review, I have remained thoroughly impressed with the IQ One. I found the build quality to be spot on and after a couple of weeks being in my pocket, it has remained scratch-free. Sort out the pod attaching to the mouthpiece and I will be a happy bunny. I have ordered replacement coils as this has some really good flavour for a pod device. Pod devices seem to have varying levels of flavour and I am pleased that this is on the better end of the scale than others that I have looked at. Vape IQ have done a great job with this and I look forward to seeing what else they bring into the market.

A huge thank you to Bessie, for arranging and sending the IQ One for review. You can find further details here on the VapeIQ website. RRP on this is £29.99 but of course, shop around for the best deal.

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