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Vapemate – The Salt Works

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As you may recently have read over on my Twitter feed I have recently started working alongside Vapemate again. Vapemate are a UK eliquid manufacturer based just outside of Brentwood, Essex. I first came accross them pretty much as soon as I started out on my vaping journey when I was trying out literally every kind of juice out there to find some good liquids. I came across some reviews online from Steve Nichols. Soon after I was hooked on Vapemate and set about trying as many of their flavours as I could. Eventually I plucked up the courage to start reviewing and these were some of the first liquids that I reviewed. A few months passed and I was given a discount code to share with people online that proved very successful and the start of a beautiful relationship. I was invited to their old premises in Harold Wood, Essex to have a look around and was in awe of the sheer size of the operation there. Fast forward a couple of years and Vapemate have gone from strength to strength and even more so since the TPD kicked in here in the UK their offerings have increased incredibly and offer the largest selection of liquid that I have ever seen. Even though it has been a while since I last reviewed for them, the discount code lived on. There is also a new one for you guys to use too. Keep an eye out at the end, unless you have seen it on the banners previously!

Enough with the waffling on, I could praise these guys for hours, this is not why you are here though. Today I am going to let you know about two of the liquids from their new Salt Works range of liquids.

The Salt Works Range

Recently to coincide with the national no smoking day in the UK, Vapemate launched The Salt Works. This is an inital line up of 5 nicotine salt liquids. Not heard of nicotine salts before? In short nicotine salts offer a smoother vape from high strength nicotine liquids, such as 10mg and upwards. Whilst not only smoother I find they give a faster hit and are more effective at dealing with cravings. I cannot stress enough though, salt based liquids are only suitable for low powered mods such as the numerous pod systems out there and should not be used in subohm tanks or drippers.

The two flavours I am going to be letting you know about today are Vanilla Custard and Menthol. Priced at £4.99 for a 10ml bottle ( Cheaper using my code at the end ) This may seem more pricier than their other liquids but remember as these will be used in pod devices, they will last longer than in general subohm tanks and drippers. So the price for me is good value for money. They are available in 20mg, whether lower strengths will be available I do not know, given I vape 3mg normally, 20mg salts are not unbearable in the slightest so these should suit most people. The liquids are a 50vg 50pg mix.

I was not sure which flavours I would be sent to do this review on but I was very pleased to see the Vanilla Custard as I do like a good custard. Menthol I have never liked but this is a review based on my thoughts of the flavour and the quality rather than my personal likes and dislikes.

The Salt Works – Vanilla Custard

Custards have to be my go too liquids, those or desserts ( If you are reading this Vapemate.. wink wink nudge nudge! ) They get me everytime and I do like nothing more than sitting down of an evening with a good quality custard liquid. Luckily in the UK we have some very good custard liquids and I remember Vapemates original custards, such as Vanilla Custard, Nana’s Custard and their Classic Custard were all very good quality and full of flavour. With this in mind I was looking forward to trying this one.

I have been using this in the SX Mi Class mod – Review for that will be up soon. Given that I am using it in a low powered device, I have to say that I have been very impressed with the flavour that I am getting. The bottle gives of a pleasent custard smell. The inhale is just like their original vanilla custard, just the right amount of vanilla coming through the custard notes. Exhale is satisfyingly creamy and is incredibly smooth. I have found the salts to be very smooth from Vapemate and in fact perhaps some of the more smoother liquids on the market. The hit to the throat is gentle but it definitely hits the spot when a craving does strike. Which trust me in my job the craving strikes often!

The Salt Works – Menthol

Let’s get this out there, I do not like menthol in anything, never have and I probably never will. I am reviewing this based on the flavour and the overall experience of vaping, rather than my personal bias against all things menthol.

Smelling the bottle, I can definitely tell it is a menthol juice. It does not smell particularly strong at this point, but from my experience this means nothing. The inhale proves this point well and what we have is a very strong menthol, icy and fresh tasting. The exhale is pretty much the same, very cold, very fresh and very minty. Much as I expected it to be!

What you do find with the menthol compared to the custard is that the menthol does add to the throat hit more, you do find this with liquids containing menthol normally so these would suit someone that a) doesn’t mind menthol and b) someone who needs that throat hit.

Despite it being menthol this is a liquid that I would 100% recommend to menthol lovers and those looking to quit smoking using salt liquids.

Overall Thoughts

I am very impressed by the smoothness of these liquids. As I wrote above I generally vape using a 3mg liquid and below but the salts offering such a smooth experience means that even 20mg barely feels any different. Maybe a little more of a hit than I am used to but not unpleasent in the slightest. With the vast number of salts being introduced to the market it is only to be expected that the quality and smoothness will vary. I had no issues with the flavour quality nor that of the smoothness either. All in all two very different liquids but with one thing in common, great quality!

15% Discount

If you are reading this far you probably will want my discount code. The new discount code that I will be using is VAPEWITHJAY this will give you 15% off not just the Salt Works range but every single item on the website. It also stacks with your own discounts if you are a VIP member etc. The existing code on the site will remain functional for those that already have and use it. Feel free to share the code with friends and family, for purposes of transparency I do not earn a penny from Vapemate for any person using the code. My intention is to save you money by recommending quality products to you and to spread the word recommending decent businesses that I believe in. Use of the code supports my reviews and enables me to continue sharing reviews of products that Vapemate may offer. By declaring this information you can be sure that my opinions will be unbiased and not swayed by any monetary reward. I have never given anything but complete honesty in my reviews and this will continue to be the case. Thanks everyone for reading. Please continue to share my posts to your social media!

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