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Vaptio Wall Crawler & Frogman Tank Kit Review

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Today could not come quick enough to write this review for the latest offering from Vaptio. I am going to be letting you know my thoughts and experience using the Wall Crawler mod and Frogman tank. I was very kindly sent the whole kit from Simply Eliquid. At the bottom of this review, you will find a discount code that will save you some money over on the site. Over two weeks I have been using this kit to see how it performs and find any pros and cons that I will share towards the end of the review.

Here is a little about both companies. Simply Eliquid popped up on my twitter feed a while ago thanks to a lot of my followers raving about the service they were receiving from them. That always gets a company noticed in my book, good service and good deals for the customer. No one likes to wait for their vape mail and I don’t like bad service! Simply Eliquid is a UK based online store with a massive stock of liquids and hardware at some competitive prices compared to other online stores.

Vaptio I have met at one of the previous expo’s that I attended. This is a company overflowing with enthusiasm about producing great products that vapers will love and use in the long term. I have previously reviewed a couple of their mods and still find myself picking up their miniature Fusion mod!



Lets Unbox and Take a Look

The Wall Crawler comes packaged in a small white box bearing the mod image on the front. Lifting the lid you will find the following inside:

  • Vaptio Wall Crawler Mod ( Black )
  • Vaptio Frogman Tank ( Black )
  • User manuals
  • USB cable
  • 2 X Frogman W2 Coils ( 0.4ohm )

I was initially surprised by the size of the mod, this looks to be a stealthy little number. If you have tried the Smok AL-85, Ijoy Capo or Eleaf Pico mods you will know the kind of size of mod that we are looking at today. As well as being of a similar size the look is very similar too. I do remember Vaptio at the expo looking over my own mods at the time and asking what improvements I would like to them. It’s clear they are looking at the popular mods and finding their own way to improve on them.

Also included in the box comes the Frogman tank. This is the 2ml TPD compliant version and comes with a preinstalled coil and a spare within the box. First impressions are that it looks well made and a perfect match for the Wall Crawler mod that I received

Closer Look – Wall Crawler

Time to take a look at the Wall Crawler in a little more detail. I have already covered its tiny size. This is a single cell mod capable of up to 80w of power. Heres a few specs:

Vaptio Wall Crawler Mod Specs

  • Size: 73x50x28.5mm
  • Max power output: 80W
  • Resistance range: 0.05-2.0ohm
  • Temperature control range: 200-600°F/ 100-300°C
  • Battery : 18650
  • 1.3 inch colour screen
  • 0.005 Second fire time
  • Firmware upgradeable

Impressive specs I am sure you will agree. Particularly the highly impressive firing rate ( I think this becomes the fastest firing regulated mod available ) Looking at the mod from the top down. Firstly the spring loaded 510 connection, you will notice a slight ridge around the edge here. This is to prevent juice leaking down into the mod via the 510 connection. ( I did not have any leaks to test this ) next to the 510 connection is a screw off cap that once unscrewed reveals the single 18650 battery housing inside. The battery goes in positive end downwards and the cap screwed back on. On the front of the mod you will find a 1.3inch colour screen. The screen is very clear and easy to find all of the information you need and easy to read. To the left of the screen is the firing bar which runs the entire length of the mod. Under this is the usb port for charging ( recommend external charging ) and firmware updates. Below the screen are your up and down buttons and on the rear, you will find a spidermanesque logo. The body of the mod continues with the spiderman them with a web design in the body. A risky design move but it is what it is!

Powering on the Wall Crawler, the screen kicks into life. Lovely and clear. Three clicks of the fire bar will get you into the menu where you are presented with 4 icons. Mode, Settings, Theme and Back. Mode, of course, takes you into a sub menu where you will find settings for the various modes including variable wattage, various temp modes, curve modes and bypass mode. The settings menu gives you a puff counter, a setting to adjust firing duration and resistance adjustments. Theme allows you to change the theme of the mod, with the original firmware only the 1 theme is selectable but clearly from the menu being there then there will be more to come. The final logo is back and this takes you back to the main screen. The menu reminds me of the wismec ravage 230 menu and I find this easy to navigate and use. Perfect for those that want to pick up a mod and just use it!

Closer Look at the Frogman

The Frogman tank, now I have heard good things about this tank but this is the first time that I have personally gotten to try this one out. The initial look shows a well-built tank but nothing stands out for me from any other tank on the market. So it is time for a closer look. Up top is a tapered drip tip that is removable if you so wish. Next comes the top cap which once removed allows you to fill the tank. Removing this is different to most tanks. For this, you push down and twist and up it pops. It is almost like a child-proof cap you find on medicines. But it does allow for nice quick juice refills. With the cap removed two large juice filling holes are exposed. These will make filling a breeze due to their ample size. Next comes the 2ml tank with the Frogman logo on the glass. The preinstalled coil is already there but to change you just unscrew and replace. The base incorporates the airflow into it, a nice smooth control ring that stops once the airflow is either wide open or shut. So far so good. Looks are one thing of course with tanks, with tanks it is all about performance and for me, the flavour is important.

My Experience Using

So that’s the techy, looks, and impressions out of the way, how did I find this? I used two liquids in the frogman for the two week testing period. The first week was spent using my benchmarking juice IVG Apple Berry Crumble ( Simply Eliquid stock this BUY IT ) It is pointless using different liquids to test tanks out. For me Apple Berry Crumble is a perfect flavour and one of my favourites. For this reason, it goes into every tank or rda I test out. If the juice tastes poor in what I am using then it would not be a product I could recommend. The second week I used Loaded glazed donuts. The reason for this one is that the flavour is pretty delicate so I wanted to see how the Frogman would perform with that in.

I knew from the moment the kit arrived this was not going to be an all-day mod in terms of sticking a couple of batteries in it and forgetting about it until I am back home. But as a daily carry to work with my limited vape breaks the 1 battery was enough. For two weeks this has been my out and about mod. I did not want to use anything else and wanted to give this good use. The thing is, I have not really used anything else other than for when I have been reviewing other liquids. It is a decent little mod with a decent tank to boot. The 0.4ohm coil allowed fairly decent battery life and an enjoyable vape when I needed it. Clouds were good but most importantly flavour was very good. With the IVG it gave me an enjoyable amount of flavour, not the best that I have had with this juice but certainly enjoyable enough for me to continue using for the entire first week. Plus my precious Apple Berry Crumble was lasting much longer thanks to the coil! Getting to the end of the first week on the same coil and flavour quality had not diminished at all which was surprising as normally after a week I am changing cotton with this juice. For this reason alone I bought a second frogman tank so that I could carry on with the IVG in its own tank with the same coil. The second week was the turn of the Loaded glazed donut flavour. The flavour was not as great in this as I am normally used too but again like the Apple Berry Crumble it was more than vapeable! So the Frogman was both enjoyable to use and I will continue to use it too! Perfect for my daily work tank.

The Wall Crawler, boy this is a cracking little mod. Easy to use, power seems to be consistent however the battery bar does act a little cranky at times. Sometimes it was jumping up and down as I was firing. ( new batteries used ) but nothing that affected the performance of the mod. I loved how simple it was to use and coupled with the Frogman I found that 50w was around the sweet spot for the coil with the juices I was using. Still plenty of play on the optimal settings. The firing bar sometimes feels a little fragile but that’s about it. Hitting the fire button does not require much pressure and the firing is almost instantaneous! The chip inside is doing its job really well. As a stealthy mod I was more than happy using this. A big postive for me is that now Vaptio have made their mark in the UK market the coils are easier to source, when I first reviewed the Fusion my grip was that here we have a mod with a built in tank, coils were impossible to get in the UK. Thankfully this is not the case now!

Do I recommend… Well in short, yes I do. For the price you are getting a great peice of kit that will keep you satisfied throughout the day.

To purchase from Simply Eliquid check out the link here.

As promised the discount code to use is vapingwithjay15 – 15% off



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