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Vinci X 70w Pod Kit

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Time for another new release from Voopoo and hot on the tails of the popular Vinci & Vinci R mods comes the Vinci X. Voopoo are one of the companies that I look forward to recieving their new releases. For me their products stand the test of time and I have yet to find an unreliable or poor quality product. These days it is tough to find a mainstream company that has not squandered its quality in favour of cheap materials and lack of quality control. I have not found this to be the case with Voopoo. 

In this article I will be letting you know my thoughts on this latest release the Vinci X 70w Pod Kit.


Vinci X Specs and Overview

The Vinci X is the next in the Vinci series, following on from the Vinci and Vinci R mods. I loved the original Vinci mod and to receive the X from Voopoo surely can only bring better things. Some of the techy specs are below.


Capacity: 5.5ml

Material: PCTG

Resistance: 0.3Ω(PnP-VM1) 0.6Ω(PnP-VM4)

Vinci X Mod


Material: Zinc Alloy

Output Power: 5-70W

Output Voltage: 3.2~4.2V

Resistance: 0.1~3.0Ω

Battery Capacity: Single 18650

70W power with single 18650 battery
PUFF curve record 2-week Usage data
E-liquid & nic-salt compatible and visible juice level
Intelligently adjust power to match coils
0.96-inch TFT colour screen



Unboxing the Vinci X Kit

Standard Edition

  • VINCI Pod(5.5ml)
  • PnP 0.6ohm Coil
  • PnP 0.3ohm Coil
  • USB Cable
  • Warranty Card
  • User Manual
  • GENE CHIP Card

TPD Edition

  • VINCI Pod(2ml)
  • PnP 0.6ohm Coil
  • PnP 0.3ohm Coil
  • USB Cable
  • Warranty Card
  • User Manual
  • GENE CHIP Card

I received the Vinci X in the INK style which I love, it is, in fact, available on release in 7 stylish designs to suit everyone’s taste. As with all Voopoo products, the Vinci X comes well packaged in a sturdy hard box. The contents are securely packaged inside.

A Closer Look at the Vinci X Mod

I could not wait to get this out of the packaging and filled with juice! Immediately you can see that the Vinci X is noticibly bigger than the original Vinci and whilst keeping the look very similar there are some slight differences. 

The Pod

Starting with the pod itself up top. You have a long wide mouthpiece, which is the same as the original Vinci. In fact the pods themselves are interchangable between each of the Vinci models currently on the market. Below the mouthpeice is the liquid chamber itself. On my review model the capacity is a nice, convenient 5.5ml. In the UK and EU the TPD dictates that you shall recieve a 2ml tank. It will be interesting to see how this size is limited, whether it be by a rubber insert that can be removed ( Doubtful as you cannot get into the pod, larger coil ( Doubtful again! ) or by a physically smaller pod ( Most likely!) But you will be able to purchase spare pods in either size online quite easily.  The chamber itself is nice and clear, giving an all round view of the remaining liquid in the pod. 

Below the chamber you have the coil hole and juice filling hole. The juice hole is sealed by a rubber bung, which I have to admit is a little tricky to get a grip on if you have no nails like me! But it does the job well of sealing. The bottem of the pod is also shaped with cut out areas to aid airflow. This is where there is definate innovation in this pod system. With the pod inserted into the Vinci X, with the bung facing towards you, you get a DTL airflow system. Insert it with the bung facing away and you get a DTL style airflow which is a little more restricted. This happens thanks to the way the air is directed to the coil via the cut outs and shape of the base of the pod. The pod fits and stays secured in the mod by means of 4 very strong magnets

The Vinci X 

On to the Vinci itself and I will outline any differences to the original Vinci also. At the top is where the pod is inserted, in this section there are 4 metal discs that attract the pod. The pod almost leaps from your fingers to this area with a nice click and the pod is very secure, no amount of shaking was able to cause the pod to drop out and it remained secure in my pocket all day long. Contact to the coil is via 2 gold pins ( there are 3 on the Vinci ) I am unsure why there is 1 less since the original vinci pods still work perfectly. 

On the front of the Vinci X you have a circular fire button up top, followed by the 0.96 inch screen. The screen is bright and contains all the relevent vaping information you will need. Below the screen are the up down adjustment buttons. A combination of the + and fire locks the device and holding + & – together opens up the 2 week puff record. Under this is the USB charge point and firmware update port. On the Vinci it was original underneath the mod. 

On the base of the Vinci X is the battery section. Your 18650 is inserted by unscrewing part of the base. The threading is smooth and well machine. The battery chamber has a plastic insert to aid battery protection.  The base has vent holes incorporated into it. 

Both sides of the Vinci X have the colour panels on and at the top of the sides are the airflow holes which link to the area on the pod relating to airflow. 

Internally the Vinci X contains the ever reliable Gene chip that I have come to expect in most releases now.  Along with that there are the following safety features.

  • Overtime Protection

    Intelligent overtime protection will avoid atomizer’s coil and cotton being burned.

  • Short-circuit Protection

    When the short-circuit is detected, the mod will protect the battery by preventing the circuit from returning.

  • Overcharge Protection

    With dedicated lithium battery protection components, the battery will be protected against battery overcharge and damage.

  • Max Power Protection

    Intelligently match power, and it is not allowed to adjust the power above the highest limit, to prevent coils from being burned out.

  • Output Over-current Protection

    Intelligently detect output current, and close the output current when the current exceeds the highest limit.

  • Over Discharge Protection

    With dedicated lithium battery protection components, the battery will be protected against battery discharge and harm.

  • Over-temperature Protection

    TC mode assures the mod and battery work properly within safe temperature range.

  • Battery Reverse Protection

    With battery reverse protection, the mod will be protected from breakdown.


In use and pros & cons

The Vinci X is a joy to use. I have found the vape experience to be enjoyable and the included coils give a satisfying vape. Using the 0.3 with standard liquids, it managed up to 100vg with ease. I should point out that even with the 0.3ohm coil the maximum wattage is only up to 40w. Protection kicks in preventing usage over this point. To achieve the full 70w you would need to use the RBA coil ( Available seperately) But for me 40w was nice and allowed a full day use on a single 18650 battery.  Each pod, or coil that you insert is rated for a specific wattage value. The Vinci X will adjust to the recommended wattage. In the case of the 0.3ohm coil this is 35w. A minor annoyance on the original Vinci is that it would reset to the recommended wattage after a while of non use. Thankfully that is not the case with the Vinci X. The mouthpeice, while a slightly different shape is one that we are seeing more of since the release of pod systems. It fits in the mouth well and gives a nice draw. 

Being able to adjust airflow without a control ring or completely removing the pod and adjusting something internally is a big plus. A simple 180 degree flip is all that is needed. 

Powering the mod purely by the fire button alone is a big postive for me. The original Vinci never quite allowed a consistantly satisfying vape, it worked well but a physical fire button method works better ( of course this is just my opinion. 


Pretty much everything about the Vinci X I have really liked. The size and design is spot on, it feels great in the hand. The pods and coils work well, leakfree and taste is very good. Placement of the USB has been improved and the addition of using an external battery is a big pro. 


There is only one! The rubber bung on the pod…. its too fiddly! but does such a great job of sealing its just a little tough to get it open. 


Thanks for stopping by to read. To purchase visit NewVaping, my preferred supplier.  

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