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Voopoo MAAT Tank Review

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Voopoo MAAT

Voopoo are back with a new Sub-Ohm tank, and about time too! We have had the original Uforce and the Uforce 2 and now Voopoo have released the MAAT sub-ohm tank.

If the truth be known, sub-ohm tanks do not particularly interest me anymore. They are all similar to each other, so it takes something innovative and different to perk my interest. This fortunately is what Voopoo have managed with the MAAT. What follows is a walk through of the tank and my opinions on it after using, as well as any pros and cons that I may find along the way.

Inside the MAAT box

The MAAT comes Presented in a sturdy white package with the image of the MAAT on the front. Inside the box you will find :

1 x MAAT Sub-Ohm Tank

1 x 0.2 MT M2 Coil Preinstalled

1x MT-M1 0.13ohm Coil

1 x Replacement Glass

Spare Parts


All the standard items included. Nothing much different here. The difference comes when we take a look around the tank.

First Looks at the MAAT

Taking the MAAT out of the box for the first time this appears to be a very well made tank. This arrived in stainless steel and pairs very well with the Voopoo Platinum Drag ( Review coming soon ) and another new Voopoo mod ( That I cannot reveal just yet! )

Looking from the top you have a 810 drip tip in black, you can of course swap out for your own if you wish. This goes into the top cap. The top cap also covers your juice fill port. This is accessed by pushing a small and discreet button on the side of the top cap which cases the top cap to flick open revealing the fill hole.

Below the top cap comes the 4ml bubble glass that feels a little thicker than standard tank glass in my opinion. Inside the tank is a stainless steel coil cover with juice ports at the bottom of it. Under this area is a hexagonal airflow control which allows fine adjustment of three airflow slots. The airflow control moves freely and smoothly into a fully wide or full close state.

At the very bottom is the tank base. This connects to the rest of the tank by means of a simple 90 degree turn to lock or unlock into place. This is where the innovation begins. It is via this bottom base that you change your coils. More on this in a moment as this requires a section to itself. First take a look at some quick tank specs.

Voopoo MAAT specification.

Size: 56 x 28mm
Capacity: 4ml
Coil: MT-M1 0.13ohm Single Mesh Coil(60-85W); MT-M2 0.2ohm Dual Mesh Coil (50-80W)
Material: Stainless Steel & Glass 
Top fill with child locking system
Thread: 510

Mid Airflow design
PNP coil-installation system for easy replacement
Anti-leak design
Coil burn-out protection
Triple air holes for smooth air intake
All-new MT-M1/M2 Mesh coils

For readers in the UK there will be a 2ml TPD edition available too which is the same as above however, sizing will be 56 x 24.5mm.

Innovative Coil Replacement

Using the newest design MT series coils. These are available in three variants. Aptly named M1, M2 & M3.

The coil ratings are as follows Single Mesh M1 – 0.13 Ohms, Dual Mesh M2 – 0.2 Ohms and Triple Mesh M3 – 0.17 Ohms.

You will notice on the image below that the M2 coil has a huge priming area to enable speedy priming of the coil and to take on the liquid more efficiently. I am not sure why this is not on the M3 coil with its triple mesh coil setup though.

How are these innovative you may ask. Well, for starters replacing these coils is simple for anyone. It is a case of Plug and Play ( PNP ) of course, you should prime the replacement coil before replacing as you would with any other coil that you replace. Then griping the glass part with one and and the base with the other turn 90 degrees to release the tank from the base and the coil will be revealed. It does not matter if you do not tip the tank upside-down at this point there is zero leakage either way.

Once the tank is separated from the base you can now easily pull the old coil out and insert your new coil inside pushing firmly into place. Next reverse the removal process and reconnect your tank, again with a 90 degree turn to lock into place. Vape on!

The Voopoo MAAT in use.

I have been using the MAAT for a couple of weeks and received another in a new kit that will shortly be revealed and I have to say I am very lucky to now have two. This is a fantastic sub-ohm tank and one that I will have no quibbles on buying replacement coils for time and time again.

Voopoo Drag Platinum & Voopoo MAAT

The design is brings something different to the market, the mid airflow control is something unseen before I believe. The air enters above the base and goes down and then up through the coil. Within the base itself there is a gold circular area which directs the airflow up to the coil. The airflow is both smooth and gives a perfect vape even wide open. Despite it being a mid airflow the way in which the airflow travels is similar to that of a bottm airflow device. With the mid airflow the risk of leakages disappears.

Things I liked about the MAAT are that it has a childproof locking system that blends in with the top cap to keep prying hands away but this also gives a convenient way to refill. I also like the coil burn protection system inside. What this is is basically a small area that you cannot see externally which means that even if the tank looks empty there is in-fact a small area containing liquid to prevent your coil burning and you receiving a dry hit. Of course, it goes without saying if you continue to ignore the fact the tank looks empty you will eventually get a dry hit because even this small void area will run dry.

The flavour from the coils is something else that I found enjoyable. The M1 provides a smooth and favourable experience however the flavour was really popping on the M2 coil and with that came the increased vapour production due to the dual mesh setup. Having been a huge fan of mesh stock coils since the Freemax mesh subtank these I have to say go one step further in the performance and enjoyability.

Suffice to say I could not actually find any cons with this tank. My only concern if any is to how long the child proof system would stay functionable as all it seems to do is press the top cap up and away from whatever is locking it into place. Going by Voopoo’s past efforts in terms of quality checking I would say that this system has been throughly tested.

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