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Voopoo Navi Mod – Review

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Introduction to the Navi

Hot on the tails of the successful and popular Vinci series of pod devices, Voopoo are back with the Navi pod mod. A smaller device in form, more along the lines of the Lost Vape Orion series or the Smoant Pasito mods. Voopoo are pretty much sure of a good reception to all of their releases due to the popularity of the original Drag mod and the surefire quality of products that they produce. Voopoo kindly sent over the Navi just before Christmas and (Spoiler) I have been using it daily since!

Techy Specs / Features of the Voopoo Navi

In reality the Navi is a smaller form factor form of the Voopoo Vinci Read (that review here). The features, thanks to the Gene chip are all there, with most of the differences in the actual airflow and style of the Navi. 

Size: 96 x 33 x 18mm
Power Range: 5- 40W
Capacity: 3.8ml/2ml (TPD)
Resistance Range: 0.1 – 3.0ohm
Output Voltage: 3.2-4.2V
Battery: Internal 1500mAh 
Material: Zinc Alloy + Resin / Zinc Alloy +PCTG
Supports all PnP coils

Innovative pod system with 1500mAh battery
Innovative triple airflow system
New generation of GENE.AI chip
Patented pneumatic independent airway
Optional 3.8ml and 2ml visible pods
Comfortable Mouthpeice 

Safety Features

Overtime Protection

Intelligent overtime protection will avoid
atomizer’s coil and cotton being burned.

Short-circuit Protection

When the short-circuit is detected, the mod
will protect the battery by preventing the
circuit from returning.

Overcharge Protection

With dedicated lithium battery protection
components, the battery will be protected
against battery overcharge and damage.

Max Power Protection

Intelligently match power, and it is not
allowed to adjust the power above the
highest limit, to prevent coils from
being burned out.

Output Over-current Protection

Intelligently detect output current, and close the output current when the current exceeds the highest limit.

Over Discharge Protection

With dedicated lithium battery protection
components, the battery will be protected
against battery discharge and harm.

Over-temperature Protection

TC mode assures the mod and battery work
properly within safe temperature range

In the Box


The Voopoo Navi is available in two versions. The standard version and the TPD ( EU ) version.

As you can see below there is no real difference other than the size of the pods. If you are in the country where TPD restrictions are in place then the larger pod can be imported and will fit.

Standard Version:

  • 1 x NAVI Device
  • 1 x NAVI Replacement Pod( 3.8ml )
  • 1 x PnP-VM3 0.45ohm
  • 1 x PnP-VM4 0.6ohm
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x GENE Chip Card
  • 1 x Warranty Card

TPD Version: 

  • 1 x NAVI Device
  • 1 x NAVI Replacement Pod( 2ml )
  • 1 x PnP-VM3 0.45ohm
  • 1 x PnP-VM4 0.6ohm
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x GENE Chip Card
  • 1 x Warranty Card


A Quick Look Around the Navi



So, as I covered above, the Navi is almost the little brother of the Vinci. Featurewise there is nothing to distinguish it from the Vinci. Lets take a closer look. 

Starting up top you have a nice rounded mouthpiece similar in size to those 510 drip tips on the Orion and Pasito mods. This is fitted to the pod and is non-removable. Moving down is the actual pod. I have the standard pod so the juice capacity is 3.8ml, the normal TPD version for the UK would be 2ml. Underneath this is the fill port and the coil itself. It is worth noting that the fill port and bung are actually decent this time around and you can get a decent grip on the bung in order to open it. I still struggle with the Vinci from time to time as it feels like it will break or you just cannot get a grip on the thing!  The coils themselves literally plug and plug, hence PnP coils. Pushing them into the pod results in a slight click, then you know it is in place. 

Airflow 1

 The first airflow point is non-adjustable. This is a slit in the side of the Navi that allows air in. A simple finger covering this would allow a tighter draw in MTL mode. 

Airflow 2

The second airflow is adjustable. Simply slide up or down to open and close the airflow. Fine tune your experience here.

Airflow 3

Not really airflow per se this is what activates the pneumatic draw function. Take a draw without pushing the button to be met with a steady stream of vapour. 

With the pod clicking into place with the assistance of a couple of magnets that hold everything more than securely in place. We can now look at the Navi mod itself. A round, clicky fire button can be found at the top of the front. Usual clicking actions here to enter menus and power on and off. Below this is the super clear screen coming in at 0.96in. Nice and clear with plenty of info, power, ohms, puffs, mode and battery indicator. 

Below the screen are up and down buttons for navigating through the 5w to 40w range and menus. Below this is the USB mini charging port.. Time for USB C though I feel! 

Underneath the Navi are some venting slots. 

The Navi Mod in Use

What an absolute joy this is to use, no kidding! Don’t get me wrong I love the Vinci, I really do but this smaller form factor, coupled with familiar mouthpiece just feels right. Performance wise there is nothing the Navi can’t do that the Vinci can and vice versa. One improvement I did notice was that the draw activated power mod was a little more responsive than on the Vinci, that a more consistent flow of vapour reached your mouth with less effort required. For me that made this mode the mode I used most of all. But being 5 years into vaping, it is with mods like this that I still find myself pressing the button instead of drawing to activate. It takes time to break that habit I guess. For a recent quitter, this will be a more familiar to smoking action. 

Battery life was outstanding, easily getting me through a full day, not much more than that, but by my own measure, a full day is perfectly acceptable. Airflow, that triple airflow, to be honest confused me. Two main airflows and perhaps the pneumatic port is the 3rd I am not so sure. But it is worth mentioning that with the non adjustable airflow you can cover slightly with a finger whilst taking a draw to further restrict this airflow in cases of MTL vaping. Not something that you should need to do, or have to do, but you can! All these airflow ports, regardless of if we settle on two or three work really well to give a decent vape full of flavour. The coils, as I have said since they were initially released are really reliable and possibly the best stock coils I can think of that I have actually tried. The new Voopoo RBA PnP will of course be compatible here too. 

Overall this is a mod to definitely keep an eye out for. 

Check out Voopoo’s Website for more information. 

A link will be here when I have a reputable seller stocking the Navi. 

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