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Voopoo X217 Review

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Voopoo have long been a firm favourite within the vape industry thanks to the ever successful Voopoo Drag mod. A massively popular mod among all that owned one and still a very popular choice in an ever growing market. This is a company that prides itself on producing quality products that out perform time and time again.

Today I am going to be looking at the recently released X217 mod that was very kindly sent to me by Anna at Voopoo for review. When I first saw pictures of this floating around on social media I must admit I was very excited. This was the first mod that took the 21700 batteries that I purchased by mistake. Finally I have a use for them! The X217 is the first mod also that I believe has been launched since Voopoo brought into a company called Woody Vapes.

Now Woody Vapes I remember from back in the beginning when I first started vaping and these looked to be well crafted mods with an emphasis on striking and strong product designs. This collaborative mod is certainly going to be exciting.

In the X217 Box

    • 1 x VOOPOO X217 MOD
    • 2 x 18650 Battery Adapter
    • 1 x USB Cable
    • 1 x User Manual
    • 1 x GENE Chip Card
  • 1 x Warranty Card

X217 Specs and Features

Size: 93.6 x 50.6 x 33mm
Wattage Range: 5W-217W
Modes: Power/Voltage/Temperature/Custom Mode
Batteries Type: 2 x 21700/20700/18650 batteries (not included)
Resistance Range: 0.05-1.5ohm in TC Mode, 0.05-3ohm in Power Mode
Temperature Range: 200-600/100-315
Screen: 1.3-inch TFT color display
Output Voltage Range: 0.5-7.5V
Output Current: 0A – 40A  
Resting Current: ≤10 uA
Thread: spring-loaded 510

21700/20700/18650 batteries compatible
New Gene.Fan chipset with max 217W
V-shape colorful breathing LED light
1.3-inch TFT high-definition color screen
8 battery safe protections

First Impressions of the Voopoo X217

Coming packaged in a sturdy black box I was excited to see which colour way I had been sent. The Voopoo X217 is available initially in 5 colours. I received the exact colour I would have chosen if I was buying and this was the Prussian Blue.

Opening the box I am immediately greeted with this beauty and wow it looks so sleek and shiny I almost do not want to touch it for fear of blemish it with finger prints. At the same time I just couldn’t wait to get this thing going! So out it comes and it packs a bit of weight without even adding batteries. But it feels great in the hand and is very pleasant on the eye too. I’m in love!

Adding batteries adds some additional weight and this becomes one sturdy mod indeed. The finish on the bodywork is flawless and so it should be the finish undergoes no less than 15 steps of sandblasting and polishing on its 7 different materials. I am very impressed. Time to get some power into this mod.

Powering the X217 I am using some 21700 batteries. Remember this will also handle 20700s and the industry standard 18650s ( with included adaptors ) but I’ve waited long enough to try out the 21700 so in they go. I mentioned above about the weight, you will definitely notice this mod in your hand. It makes no attempt to hide and no claims of being the lightest mod. Power to the mod is by the usual 5 clicks of the power button and in an almost instant you are greeted with a full colour lcd display that gives more than enough information about your settings and usage all in one place.

Up Close and Personal with the Voopoo X217

Before I get into my actual experience using the X217, lets take a look around. Starting at the top you have your centralised spring loaded 510 connection.

Working down the front of the front of the mod from the top firstly there is the fire button that sits almost flush to the main body of the mode and infilled with resin in the appropriate colour ( in this case Prussian Blue ). Below this you will find the full colour LCD screen and your + & – buttons. These buttons are combined into one solid button where pressing to the left and right will adjust up and down in settings such as power and in the menus. Below this is the USB charge / update port. Surrounding all of these features is a thin strip that lights up either in cycling rainbow effect or a selection of solid colours. This is shaped like a V is this V for Voopoo perhaps ?

On the base is the battery door which is spring loaded and is secured with a latch system. The door shuts firmly and remains secure throughout. Usual safety symbols and designed by Voopoo on the bottom with some venting holes.

On the sides of the mod there are carbon fibre style grips with metallic bars in the centre. Finally the rear consists of a sizeable block of resin with a Voopoo badge topping it off. 

My Experience with the Voopoo X217

First things first, I absolutely adore this mode. It is one of the mods that I am enjoying using and find that it looks great even after constant daily use. My worries about fingerprinting it were unfounded and any prints are easily wiped off but to be honest it does not attract prints like I expected it too. What you are getting is an exceedingly well made, stylish and solid mod that is built to last. Quality is key here and Voopoo have not disappointed or cut any corners here. 

In Use

Using the X217 is a joy. The ability to use 21700 batteries means I am getting a full day and then some in terms of battery life even when vaping at a constant 80w. The Gene chip inside both manages battery life and power perfectly. The same fast fire rate that we loved in the Drag carries forward into the X217 and another feature that really impressed is the way that when you fit a new coil the mod will adjust to what it thinks is the perfect wattage and it is not often wrong for my personal vaping style. One negative with this is that with a fresh coil you often want to start much lower and build up, on the flip side you will know where to build up to. 


The menu system is accessed by either holding both the +&- together for a couple of seconds where you can explore various power modes, enable VV mode, adjust temp control settings, set coil material and adjust date, time and colour settings. This menu depends on which setting you are on so the menu is only relevant to the particular mode. Power mode will give power settings, TC mode will give TC settings and function is all your customisation settings. Annoyingly there is no way to reset the puff counter.


Normally lights get turned off, but this thing is too cool. Cycling all day long through rainbow effects is just nice and when you vape the V strip kind of flashes in time with your inhale. I am not sure how it does that and probably that is more annoying than having the mod just cycle through the colours. But still, they are what they are and you will either love or hate them but at least the option is there to turn off. 

For further information on the Voopoo X217 check out and


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