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W.B.I.C – Waffle Batter Ice Cream – Review

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Anyone that knows me or follows my posts on social media, they would know just how much I love all things dessert. This was a surprise mailing from Tony at I recalled seeing him post about this coming into stock after trying it for himself so knew it would be good. Vivdvapes is an online store with a small but fine selection of eliquids from around the globe. If a juice passes Tony’s taste test then and only then is it fit to be stocked. With this in mind, you can be confident that only the creme de la creme will be stocked. The latest juice is an offering from the California Vaping Company ( CaliVapeCo )

Calivapeco are based out of San Diago, California and have a good selection of liquids themselves. I have previously tried a few of their liquids back when I subscribed to Zamplebox and was happy with what I had tried, particularly Toucan ( A fruity cereal flavour ) This time around they are back with W.B.I.C and that is what I am sharing my thoughts on today.

W.B.I.C ( Waffle Batter Ice Cream ) Review

Coming in a 50ml shortfill bottle, there’s enough space in this 60ml bottle to add in an optional 10ml nicotine shot should you wish to do so. Without the additional shot, you will have a 50ml flavour boosted liquid to vape till your heart is content. You could of course top up with 100% VG. W.B.I.C is mixed to a ratio of 70VG. Its worth noting that these bottles contain slightly over the 50ml and did not quite take the full 10ml nicotine shot I added. No bother there for me though!

Let’s crack into this. The scent from the bottle is a strong waffle flavour. Now for me, I have struggled to find decent waffle flavours and I have had more bad ones than good so it makes me reluctant to keep trying different ones. This one already smells different to others and actually smells good from the bottle.

The inhale is a little different to what I was expecting. I expected waffle and then ice cream. What I actually got was a creamy beginning with lovely notes of ice cream and vanilla to start with. Even with these two flavours, the flavour was full on. The exhale continues the same but the waffle flavour develops and pulls through the thick creamy flavour to produce an absolutely stunning waffle. There are tastes of sweetness running though, almost a pure sugar sweetness and then towards the end almost a burnt sugar taste, I guess caramelised sugar which really sets this flavour off as an authentic fresh waffle flavour. To say I am impressed is an understatement this is one of those flavours that you start, and then cannot put down. It’s a very intricate liquid, lots of different notes of the flavours that come through in different strengths dependent on how you inhale and exhale. Slow inhales and exhales worked the best for me.

Purchase from – The link will take you to the product page. Pricing is £14.99 inc 10ml nicotine shot.

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